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Kerala Dental Council | Registration | Renewal | Good Standing

Dental council registration ,renewal and goodstanding

We Medisol team provide assistance for  Dental Council Registration, Renewal and Good Standing Certificates Services for Dental professionals


1. Tamilnadu Dental council 2. Andhra Dental council 3. Karnataka Dental council

Contact us  +91 8547547288 +81 8921085278 (whatsapp)


15 thoughts on “Kerala Dental Council | Registration | Renewal | Good Standing

  1. Do you help with the procedures of getting good standing certificate from kerala dental council for MOH exam purpose?

  2. How can we apply for Good standing certificate for Kerala dental council registered dentist? What is the processing time and fees? What is the fees if we should get a copy as well as fax abroad?

  3. My Kerala Dental Council registration is renewed up tp 31/12/2020.When should I apply for renewal ?
    What is the procedure for renewal?
    Is there a way to do it online?

  4. My registration expired on december 2019; can i apply for good standing certificate without renewal of registration?

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