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DOH Abu Dhabi Exam Update

DOH Abu Dhabi Exam Update

Temporary permit to practice medical profession will be issued to new applicants, with essential requirements to be submitted for credentialing purposes, listed below the most important requirements:

  1. Primary Source Verification receipts
  2. Qualifications
  3. Certificates of good standings
  4. Experiences

The following requirements for healthcare
professionals renewing their DoH licenses will be waived temporarily:

  1. CME/CPD requirements
  2. Resuscitation courses (BLS, BTLS
    CLS .. Etc.)
  3. MOC ( maintenance of certificates, e.g. American Board) for physicians

All types of exams (Written,Verbal,OSCE) will be temporarily susended, health providers must ensure competencies and profesional skills are upto standards. Examinations shall be held later whenever DOH decides.

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